Inverters solar panels switching off: "Network checker" keeps a finger on the pulse

In the coming months, we hopefully expect lots of sunshine. Grid company Fluvius recognizes that at some peak times and very locally this will cause problems with inverters switching off. Therefore, Fluvius has rolled out and further refined an action plan. One of the actions, is a Network Checker on "". This is now available to every customer. With the Network Checker, customers can immediately see if there are any outstanding complaints in their neighborhood.

How does the Network Checker work?

The customer need only log in or create an account on and can then enter or select his or her EAN number. Then the customer will be taken to one of these three screens, allowing him to estimate the current situation in the neighborhood:

  1. Low risk: There are no open complaints in the neighborhood. The risk of dropping out is low.
  2. Existing risk: There is at least 1 open complaint with a grid-related cause. However, this is a snapshot and does not mean that the inverter is guaranteed to fail. Fluvius is investigating options for a local solution.
  3. We are working on it: there is already a complaint file pending for the EAN number entered.
"With the Network Checker, customers can immediately see if there are any outstanding complaints in their neighborhood. "

What if the inverter switches off?

If the inverter fails effectively, the customer can report it to Fluvius. If the complaint is justified, the customer will receive compensation.

Compensation in 2023 was 10.6 euros per kVA of inverter power.

  • For a small recent residential installation with 8 panels and 2.5 kVA inverter power, that amounts to an allowance of 26.5 euros (=10.6 euros x 2.5 kVA). ​ ​
  • For an average installation with 16 panels and 4 kVA of inverter power, the fee is 42.4 euros (=10.6 euros x 4 kVA). ​ ​
  • At a large installation with 30 panels and 10 kVA inverter power, the fee amounts to 106 euros (=10.6 euros x 10 kVA). ​ ​

The Flemish government has yet to determine the amount for 2024.

All info bundled on website

All information about failing inverters is bundled on the Fluvius website at Inverter switching off| Fluvius. On that page the customer gets more insight into what he himself can do to minimize the impact of a failing inverter and what Fluvius does to fix the problem. It also guides the customer from A to Z to report a problem. ​ For those who do not yet have solar panels, but plan to, it is smart to take into account some helpful tips found on this page: What are the benefits of solar panels | Fluvius

Fluvius will continuously improve the Network Checker based on customer feedback and further develop the data and algorithms to make the risk assessment even more accurate.

Lara Lammens

Lara Lammens

Corporate Woordvoerder, Fluvius



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